Sweat Local – An Exploratory Art Web Series on Bikes

Sweat Local is a web series and manifesto for what it means to thrive in and be a part of a community. Sweat Local celebrates Chicago’s neighborhoods through an appreciation of art and community.

The docu-series explores Chicago’s neighborhoods through the eyes of a local. Our team will eat at the local restaurants, patron local businesses, admire local art, and document the sights and sounds that connect people of a community. By sharing stories of community members we seek to offer an intimate experience beyond an anonymous yelp review.

Creating a Better Tomorrow

Exploring a neighborhood on foot, or by bike, Sweat Local is leading by example. One of our missions is to get people out of their cars and homes, away from their phones and computers, and into their parks, their gardens, and their streets. The citizens of Chicago need to know that they themselves are the vital part of their community, and that their presence, involvement, and connection to their community is what makes a community great.

Too often, the stories told about Chicago are limited, narrow in scope, and focus on the significant challenges facing our city. Sweat Local investigates and celebrates the joyous things in our community, our arts and culture that make home – home.  In short, Sweat Local attempts to address the complexity, humanity, and pride of its people – man on the street style.

This city of big shoulders is brimming with creators, activists, and artists who are fiercely loyal to and proud of their hometown. Sweat Local elevates these stories, celebrates the culture of our city, shows the world that we are more than our depictions in the news.

Calling Local Artists and Community Leaders

Docu-Web Series Sweat Local needs the help of local artists and business who are passionate about their community. We are looking for artists, business owners, and organizations who serve their communities. See details below:


  • Sweat Local wants to cover the spectrum of working artists: musicians, visual, performance, new media, fine art, street artists, muralists, VR, multimedia, interactive media, sculpture, you name it!
  • Tell us what you’re working on, where you show your work, and the neighborhood you call home.


  • We want to partner with businesses and venues that features local artists, host community events and regularly celebrate cultural diversity.
  • Tell us about your business, how your business fits the parameters of Sweat Local, and any upcoming events you have planned for Summer 2017.


  • Sweat Local is looking for a talented host to guide viewers through diverse cultural landscapes in Chicago.
  • Ideally, this person loves to travel by bike and aligns themselves with the ideals of Sweat Local. Does this sound like you?!

Please contact: sweatlocal@gmail.com

Camera Testing Sweat Local Development
Web Development
Grant Application Submitted
Grant Application Submitted
Sweat Local Still - Camera Testing and Development
Camera Testing Video Still

Sweat Local Development | Spring 2017

April 2017
Grant application submitted to Chicago Filmmakers Digital Production Fund.
Call for art posted on Chicago Artists Resource.

May 2017
Grant application submitted to The Awesome Foundation.
Sweat Local welcomes new team members Dan Pogorzelski and Jessica Carey!

June 2017
Sweat Local films at the Avondale Restaurant Crawl.
Sweat Local films at Green Music Festival.
Team begins episode development.

July 2017
Sweat Local teaser is released. [top of page]
Sweat Local presents Garden Gallery, a back yard summer eve art exhibition.

The Sweat Local Team

Grace Pisula | Creator & Director
Multimedia Artist & Director of Photography
B.A. Interactive Media from Bradley University
One-woman arthouse developing custom solutions in a changing media landscape through innovative ideas and emerging techniques. Grace is proud to serve her local Chicago community through photography, video, graphics, and animation services. Helped to found a woman-owned and socially conscious room escape company Escape Artistry.

Dan Pogorzelski | Executive Producer & Researcher
Dan Pogorzelski is a writer and editor for Forgotten Chicago as well as the Vice President of the Northwest Chicago Historical Society. He coauthored three history books to date from the Images of America series on the neighborhoods of Portage Park, Bridgeport, Avondale and a forthcoming title on Logan Square. Dan has also been featured in both television and film dealing with the history of Chicago as well as Polish Americans.  

A native resident of Chicago’s Northwest Side, Dan has been civically involved in a number of community initiatives improving this often overlooked part of Chicago, such as the installation of Historic Kiosks at Six Corners, the Murals and Community Garden at Addison and Avondale, as well as the Polish Triangle Coalition.

Jessica Carey | Director of Photography
Jessica Carey is a Director of Photography currently based in Chicago.  She grew up in Houston, TX where, while attending high school, she began to study video production during her junior and senior year. Her first short film “Time Out” has won several awards such as: 1st place at district and state levels at VICA (Vocational Industrial Clubs of America) video competition, and Honorable Mention at Lamar University’s Spindletop Film Festival and at Houston Young Filmmakers Festival.

She obtained a BFA in Film Production from The City College of New York in 2011. Post college, she continues to develop her knowledge and skillset through workshops and professional post secondary courses. In addition to being a Director of Photography Jessica also writes and directs short films. Currently she has a pipeline of projects in various stages of completion and looks forward to completing them as soon as possible. She says when asked about her role in filmmaking: “Above all I am a storyteller.”

Jessica Carey