Media and Me

I am a 1st generation Polish-American multimedia artist based in Chicago, IL. As a teenager I enrolled in After School Matters, an apprenticeship program which opened the doors to a world of art and media. Athlete turned artist, I revelled in the new world of new media. This was a good time to be coming of age as an artist. Commonplace technology exploded. Social media took over the web and tools for creative expression were becoming more and more accessible. Later I travelled to Hollywood to take classes from working professionals in Directing, Post Production & Editing, and Line Producing.  

In 2013 I finished my undergraduate degree in Interactive Media, and returned home. I immersed myself in my rediscovered home environment on the Northwest Side of Chicago where I found a thriving artistic community. Today I am a freelance Multimedia Artist & Director of Photography proud to serve my local Chicago community through photography, video, graphics, and animation services. 

Formal Education

B.A. Interactive Media from Bradley University

Business Management at Bradley University
Post Production & Editing at University of Texas in Los Angeles


E-mail – 

Grace Pisula Multimedia Artist & Director of Photography

Sweat Local

I firmly believe in supporting my local economy, and believe that immersing yourself in community benefits both yourself and those around you. To “Sweat Local,” or to invest your time, energy, and value in the community, benefits all and breaks down the barriers between me and you.

From volunteering with a local non-profit arts organization (Northwest Arts Connection) to building a woman-owned socially-conscious room escape company (Escape Artistry), I take care to sweat local.