Technology has progressed at a rapid rate, putting advanced tools in the hands of independent filmmakers. 
Transmitting small voices to big screens has become nearly effortless. No matter the scope, filmmaking is an essential tool that communicates the vital stories of our existence.

Grace Pisula Director of Photography

Film Reel

Escape Artistry | Director of Photography & Animator

Promotional Videos

Dia de los Muertos in Avondale

Community Highlight

NOLA | Director of Photography & Editor

Travel Videos

Last Train to Linden | Director of Photography & Colorist

Narrative Short

 Afternoon Snatch | Director of Photography & Colorist

Web Series

Faith in Action MLK Day 2015

Community Highlight

Friend Movement | Director of Photography & Editor

Documentary Webisodes

Untitled | Director & Editor

Experimental Short

Bradley University

Student Videos

Closed Frame | Director of Photography

Narrative Short