One-woman arthouse developing custom solutions in a changing media landscape through innovative ideas and emerging techniques.

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Current Project: Sweat Local

Sweat Local is a web series and manifesto on what it means to thrive in and be a part of a community. Follow Sweat Local on Facebook and Youtube to see how Chicagoans are making the most of their communities through art, culture, and by bein’ neighborly!

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Multimedia Feature: Escape Artistry

Escape Artistry is an immersive room escape company in Wicker Park, Chicago dedicated to producing unique room escapes with an artistic approach. While this featured video encapsulates the integration of photography, video, graphics, and animation, the most noteworthy use of multimedia is experienced inside an Escape Artistry room escape.  

To play a room buy a ticket online! Use promo code GPtheDP to get $5 off your ticket(s). Visit for more information.


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